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Why Choose To Build Your Next Home With
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Strength – A Modular Home is Significantly Stronger Than a Site-Built Home

Modular Homes are built to be moved to a construction site, for that reason alone they have to be built differently. According to FEMA, modular constructions are less affected by extreme conditions due to their advanced design and regulated construction process. While site-built homes undergo one generalized inspection once construction is complete, system-built homes are carefully examined by a team of experts at each step of the building process. This results in a stronger, higher quality finished product, that provides you a greater sense of safety and security. So, if you live in an area prone to harsh elements, a modular house is your best choice for peace of mind regarding your home’s reliability and longevity.

Less Expensive – A Controlled Construction Process Saves Costs

Since modular homes are built utilizing assembly-line efficiency, there are numerous savings that factor into YOUR final price tag. They can be constructed in weeks as opposed to months which conserves labor. You also only pay for the materials used to build your home, where site-built homes require a certain percentage of EXTRA materials. Finally, modular homes are typically far more energy-efficient, so your long-term, monthly expenses can be substantially less than those of a traditional homeowner.

Move In Sooner – Efficiency, Indoor Construction & Ease of Scheduling Move You In Faster

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a factory-assembled home is a faster move-in date! Site-built homes can take upwards of 11 or 12 months to be completed due to weather delays, trades scheduling, and other issues with labor and materials. However, when you commission a living space from Creative Custom Homes, you’ll be able to enjoy a home designed to your specifications in a fraction of the time. Our refined process that relies on creativity in design, construction efficiency, controlled trade scheduling, and quality controls  – ensure limited construction delays, and help you move in and enjoy your new home as soon as possible! 

Built Strong, Built To Your Needs, and Built To Last

Whether you're on a budget, or money is no object, a modular home from Creative Custom Homes may be right for you. Meet with one of our design consultants today...and move into your new home sooner that you think!

Our Homes Are Far More Fun and Exciting Than You Might Have Imagined! 

Think building a modular home will limit your options? Think Again! Modular homes often seem indistinguishable in appearance and functionality from site-built homes. They may even lead the pack when it comes to quality and aesthetics. At Creative Custom Homes, we take great pride in helping you design a living space that fits your needs, which is why we partner with industry leaders like Cardinal Homes and Nationwide Custom Homes. Want to know more about our resources and see our work for yourself?
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