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Our Process

Creative & Custom – Modular Homes

Creative Custom Homes designs and builds homes that work for your lifestyle, and come with a distinct set of advantages not present in your typical residence – all for a fraction of the cost. How? It’s all about the process.

Homes Built with You in Mind

Creative & Custom Design

We know you’ve worked hard to be able to settle in and enjoy the home of your dreams. That’s why we care so much about how you want to feel in your new space, and fully commit ourselves to making your vision a reality. Before we even begin your construction, we’ll work with you to create a perfect design that fits your lifestyle needs and budget. Have your own plans? Fantastic, just bring them to us and we’ll help you refine them so that every detail is addressed. Not sure what you’re looking for in a home? Our builder partners offer hundreds of floor plans that we can use as idea starters, and can be built as is, or easily adapted to your requirements.

Home Features & Amenities

Once you’ve settled on a design, we move on to the features that will make your new house feel like home. Just because your system-built home is factory-assembled doesn’t mean you can’t have all the special touches and elements you’ve ever dreamed of, in fact, quite the opposite is true. When you choose Creative Custom Homes as your partner, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of unique home feature resources that will allow you to customize your space. Choose from options like fireplaces, high ceilings, porches, decks, easy access bathrooms, walk-in closets and so much more! Want to know if the amenities you’re looking for are available? Contact us! We’d love to answer all your questions.

The Build – A Major System-Built Advantage

One of the biggest advantages present in the process of creating a systems-built home is the construction procedure. The rooms are built on an assembly line in a controlled facility so your build is protected from any harsh weather. This not only prevents damage to the building materials, but it keeps the process from being interrupted, and delayed as well - resulting in a faster construction period and avoidance of additional project expenses.

Delivery & On-Site Finishing

After your construction is completed at the factory, the sections are transported to the job site. Each module is affixed and locked into to a permanent foundation. Our team will then complete all electrical, plumbing, and other mechanical connections, along with minor carpentry and finishing tasks. Once the build has been thoroughly completed, your home will be inspected by the local building department to ensure the structure is compliant with all codes and practices. You will receive a Certificate of Occupancy, and then you’re ready to move in!

Partnering With the Best – Creative Custom Homes

The process behind your Creative Custom Home is what truly sets it apart from your typical construction project. We work closely with our partners throughout the process to ensure that our procedural standards are preserved every step of the way. Our resources include award-winning companies like Affinity Building Systems, Pan Abode, Cardinal Homes, and more. Your new home means a lot to you – Believe it or not...it means just as much to us. We will not rest until you're satisfied, moved in, and making memories that will last a lifetime in your brand new Creative Custom Home.

Bring In the Light with Solatube

One of the most important aspects of your home’s indoor environment is lighting. Not only does it seriously affect the ambiance of your space, it can greatly impact your physical and psychological health as well. Solatube creates innovative and environmentally friendly systems that bring natural light into every area of your home, no matter the time of year. Their installations feature brilliant technology like daylight catching domes, integrated reflectors, Spectralight infinity tubing, and more to create bright spaces without the costs and hassles associated with more traditional avenues like skylights. Plus, their selection of decorative fixtures delivers your lighting stylishly, and feature a variety of customizable dimming, ventilation, and intelligent nighttime options, so you can control the mood of your space. Visit Solatube for more ideas.